Sutton Community Works started as an informal gathering of Sutton & Cheam churches as part of Soul in the City in 2004 and grew into a charity out of which operates six projects.

Our aims have always been to encourage churches in the borough and aid them in putting their faith into action through initiating projects in response to local needs.


A safe, fair, healthy, flourishing community in Sutton where people are connected and able to know and enjoy fullness of life.


To be a thriving, diverse and active Christian Community, partnering together, bringing positive transformation to the London Borough of Sutton, linking local churches, the local community and key decision makers, identifying needs, mobilising people of Christian faith to serve the community through our projects.

Information about each project

Street Pastors Logo

Sutton Street Pastors

Street Pastors support the day and night time economy in Sutton by caring, listening and helping those in need on a Friday and Saturday afternoon and night time.

They take on many tasks each night from listening to people’s life stories, helping those who are drunk and caring for those who are in vulnerable states, whilst building relationships with the staff of the pubs and clubs, and local police.

Those who are trained also visit the station and support any people who are in vulnerable positions on the platforms.

Training is in March and September

School Pastors Logo

Sutton School Pastors

Sutton School Pastors operate in four schools offering lunchtime patrols, 1:1 listening support and group sessions. 

School Pastors have also visited school tutor groups and have taken RE lessons on discipleship and Christians putting their faith into action.

School Pastors help with issues around self-esteem; anxiety; friendship; school pressures; behavioural problems; family circumstances; managing social media.

Training is in March & September

Sutton Foodbank

Sutton Foodbank Logo

Sutton Foodbank has been operating in Sutton since 2009 serving people who find themselves in Food Crisis. 

Local agencies who encounter people in Food crisis refer them to Sutton Foodbank where they are given three days of emergency food provision. We seek to deal with underlying causes by signposting to relevant partnering agencies.

Sutton Job Club

Sutton Job Club came about through needs highlighted by Foodbank recipients.  The first course ran in 2014 and we now run 5, 5 week courses each year and have helped over 150 clients in the three years.    The main aim is to assist clients in gaining work ready confidence and skills.

Prayer for Sutton

Prayer for Sutton came about in 2014 as a call to gather Christians in Sutton to pray for God’s Kingdom to increase in the Borough.  Sutton’s Prayer Pilgrimage draws people from the four compass points across the borough to prayer walk into the centre of Sutton, praying for schools, churches, charities, homes and all that is seen along the way.

Creative Prayer Events include a yearly prayer gathering where we invite prayer requests from local organisations and seek to intercede for the work of our schools, hospitals, prisons, council, churches, and seeking God’s heart for the Borough, hosted by local churches.

Sutton Linking Lives Logo (1)

Sutton Linking Lives

Sutton Linking Lives began in 2016 seeking to support those who find themselves living in social isolation.    Our volunteers are assigned a client who they visit every week aiming to build relationship with them and reduce their sense of isolation.

Mark Tomlinson serves as the Sutton Community Works Project Director, seeking to gather together churches and inspire and promote the charity amongst the local church community.